10 Common Foods Eaten In Urban Ghanaian Homes

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Ghanaians love their food, no two ways about it. Whether morning, afternoon or night, they’ll not let food go waste.

However, there’s a difference between what the urban folks eat and what rural folks eat even though urban folks once in a while try their hands on typical rural food.

When you walk into a typical urban home in Ghana, aside the food of that particular tribe, there are some common food you can get to enjoy in the house.

Below are some typical foods you can enjoy in an urban Ghanaian home.

1. Waakye

Waakye is basically rice and beans boiled together. This can be prepared in most urban homes in Ghana.


2. Ampesi And Kontomire Stew

The Ampesi can be either Yam or plantain (ripe and unripe) or a combination of the two. Ampesi with palaver sause/Kontomire Stew is the best combination even though some will also accompany it with garden egg stew or egg stew.


3. Fufu

Fufu is like the unofficial food of Ghana. Almost every home in Ghana enjoys this food made from pounded cassava mixed with pounded plaintain or cocoyam. Fufu can be enjoyed with palmnut soup, groundnut soup, a combination of palmnut and groundnut soup known as Nkatib3 or light soup.


4. Banku

Banku is made from corn dough and it’s enjoyed with groundnut soup and okro stew or soup, grounded red pepper or black pepper.


5. Kokonte

This is not mostly done but a lot of people enjoy it in urban Ghana. It’s prepared just like Banku and enjoyed mostly with palmnut or groundnut soup.


6. Kenkey

Kenkey is normally enjoyed with fish and pepper. It can also be enjoyed with palmnut soup. Don’t be deceived, this is prepared at home paaa.


7. Rice Balls (Omo Tuo)

This is just boiled riced mashed and rolled into balls. It normally goes with groundnut soup or palmnut soup mixed with some Kontomire.


8. Jollof

This is like a special. It’s difficult to see a home in urban Ghana that doesn’t enjoy this food.


9. Rice And Stew

This is the commonest food you can get in any home in Ghana. It goes with practically any stew and can also be taken with soup.


10. Beans And Fried Plantain

Popularly called GOBE. It’s enjoyed by almost everybody irrespective of age and gender. Every home can prepare this food if rhey decide not to buy from town.



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