4 secrets to hotter relationship with your husband

“Think of something you haven’t shared with him and tell him, then ask him to do the same”. Want to keep things steamy? Of course you do! Here are some fun ways to remind your husband just how passionate you feel about him.

1. Send him an R-rated text
Remember when you were first dating and you snapped that saucy photo of yourself in the fitting room at Victoria’s Secret and how it drove him wild? Even if you have been married for 25 or if you’re tying the knot soon, it doesn’t mean spontaneous, flirty texts have to be a thing of the past.
Surprise him with a sweet, but sultry, text and remind him that you’re still just as excited about him now as you were in those early days of dating. Trust us, he’ll love it.

2. Reach out
Over time, the amount of touching can decrease in a relationship from hand-holding to shoulder rubs. If you and your husband are experiencing a decline in day-to-day physical contact, fix things fast! Try this: The next time you’re having date night at a restaurant, reach your hand under the table and give his leg a squeeze.

3. Kiss him, like you mean business
If your busy lives have left little room for the long makeout sessions you used to love in the early days of your relationship, spice things up with a long kiss when you reunite after a hectic day. But here’s the catch: no pecks. Kiss him with intensity.

4. Tell him a secret
Remember when you first met and every date was a new discovery? He told you about his first love, you told him about that crazy thing you did in college. As time goes on, it can sometimes feel like we know everything about our partners, but ultimately, that’s not true.

Think of something you haven’t shared with him (a story from your past, some big dream you have, etc.) and tell him, then ask him to do the same. You’ll quickly discover that dipping back into this place of mutual discovery about each other goes a long way in the romance department, according to brides.