5 Hilarious Reasons why Men are Always Confused by Women

Women are very special. They are loving, funny, affectionate and try to make people around them always feel better. However, there are also some things about the ladies that the guys will never understand, no matter how hard they try.

These are 5 hilarious things about women that men find very confusing:

  1. They say one thing and mean another: The ladies are never straightforward with whatever is on their mind. They say they are fine when they aren’t. They say they agree when they don’t And when you finally decide to go ahead, they blow up. How stressful!
  2. They never know what to wear: A woman can have an entire department store at her disposal and still not know what to wear. Even if there is a dress code for whatever event she’s attending, she’d stress over the details and still up out of fashion ideas.
  3. Wearing clothing even if they are uncomfortable: ‘Beauty is pain’ they would say. If their shoe is too tight, they’ll still wear them because it’s fashionable. If they can’t breathe in their outfit, they won’t take it off because it’s slimming. No matter how uncomfortable they are, women will still wear what they wear as long as it’s fashionable and makes them look good.
  4. They can’t make up their minds: A woman will go to a shop, browse through all the isles and come saying they didn’t know what to buy. When it’s time to pick a dinner option, they never know what to eat, even though they are extremely hungry. It can be so frustrating and confusing at the same time.

    They have a large collection of shoes: Women have more than enough shoes, too many in fact. But they always go crazy when they pass by one in a store. Shoes are like their inanimate best friends and they can have about 10 pairs of shoes of the same style but different colours.

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