HEALTH: Want to Lose Weight? Go to Bed Earlier

Did you know that the amount that you sleep can have a direct effect on whether you’re a healthy weight or overweight? Are you aware of the minimum hours of sleep that you need, to […]

8 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be Instantly More Attractive

Thanks, then, to scientists for taking time out from serious investigations to look into what we all really want to know – how can we be a bit more attractive? Trust us, by the end […]

Five (5) Ghanaian Dishes That Help You Control Your Weight

The Gymnasium, popularly referred to as the gym has become somewhat a ‘’fashionable epidemic’’ these days. Many individuals both young and old have developed a sudden habit of frequenting the gym. To many, it’s a […]

Fitness And Weight Loss – ​3 Ways To Hammer Your Hamstrings

Consider hitting an unassisted full range of motion rep to be the holy grail of hamstring training. We get it. You love your quads. But start giving your hamstrings some love too. The hamstrings are […]

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Urinary Tract Infections

In any given year, an estimated 4 million British women will suffer an attack of cystitis, a urinary tract infection (UTI) with typical symptoms of bladder pain and a burning sensation when passing urine. UTIs, […]

Healthcare: A Very Important Piece Of The Hospitality Cake

Safety : With growing concerns of deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Ebola, many tourists and travelers have been stigmatized and therefore are sceptical about traveling to many parts of Africa. One very important thing […]

Two Students Die Of Suspected CSM In Bawku

The two deceased were second-year science students of the Bawku senior high school (SHS) and the Bawku Senior High Technical School. Headmaster for the Bawku Senior High School, Bismark-Simon Kpuli, who confirmed the incident said in the […]

Ghana Launches National Alcohol Policy

The 33-page document would now set out a policy direction aimed at regulating the production, distribution sale, advertisement and consumption of alcohol, with the aim of minimising the negative impact of its consumption on the […]

Oral Crisis: 96% Of Ghanaian Adults Have Gum Diseases

These alarming details of Ghana’s deteriorating dental health challenges were revealed by the Managing Director of Unilever Ghana Yeo Ziobeieton, Monday on the occasion of the World Oral Health Day observed. The situation is even […]

‘Apio’ Can Kill You – Actor Wayoosi Warns

He stated that the excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, especially ‘Apio’ (a locally brewed gin), can have adverse effects on the health of a person, urging Ghanaians to take his counsel and live longer. Speaking […]

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