How to Look at a Facebook Profile Without Signing Up

Facebook allows anyone to view its members’ profile pages; but if you’re not a member yourself, you won’t be able to see very much. Accessing a profile while not logged in allows you to see […]

Website Security: How Do Websites Get Hacked?

In 2014, the total number of websites on the internet reached 1 billion. Today it’s hovering somewhere in the neighborhood of 944 million due to websites going inactive, and it is expected to normalize again at 1 billion sometime in […]

Motorola Unveils The Moto Z Family In Partnership With Moto Mods

Powerful and beautiful, the Moto Z is taking a stand against incremental innovation in the premium smartphone category. Moto Z is the world’s thinnest premium smartphone and is compatible with the all new Moto Mods […]

NVIDIA Among 6 Companies In Exascale Computing Project

The Exascale Computing Project The ECP mission is to facilitate the delivery of at least two exascale computing systems, with an aim to deliver at least one by 2021. Such systems would be approximately 50x more […]

All Set For The Launch Of Infinix’s New Phone On 26th April, 2017

The launch would take place at the University of Ghana, Amphitheatre Legon, at 7pm This event is opened to the public and free to students of the University of Ghana. You can follow the live […]


Even though the service is not the first in Ghana, Uru’s operation is a full coverage in all the regions and cities in Ghana. Explaining the mode of service at the launch, founder of Uru, […]

Celebrities Warned Over Instagram Ads

Celebrities and “influencers” in the US have been warned to clearly identify when they are promoting products on Instagram in return for payment. The consumer regulator sent letters to more than 90 individuals and marketing […]

Facebook Team Working On Brain-Powered Technology

Facebook says it is working on technology to allow us to control computers directly with our brains. It is developing “silent speech” software to allow people to type at a rate of 100 words per […]

SEE PHOTOS: Osei Kwame Despite’s New Luxurious Brabus Car

Osei Kwame Despite, one of the most successful and richest businessmen in Ghana is noted for collecting luxurious vehicles and has great love for exotic cars. He recently added this new Brabus, which is a […]

Google Develops Invisible Web Security Captcha Form

Captcha checks typically ask people to complete a puzzle that a computer would struggle to complete correctly. They are designed to stop automated bots accessing and using websites. Google’s new system tracks how a person […]

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