What you need to know before you start your digital journey

The trendiest word in most boardrooms now is digitization; it has become so trendy that governments are using it in various ways, digital this, digital that. The backbone of this digitization is the Internet and […]

Ghana Post GPS exposes users to ‘identity theft,’ says IT expert

  Although it has been only eight days since the digital property address system was launched to formalise and transform Ghana’s economy, there have been many security concerns. Problems such as internet connectivity and usability, […]

Website Security: How Do Websites Get Hacked?

In 2014, the total number of websites on the internet reached 1 billion. Today it’s hovering somewhere in the neighborhood of 944 million due to websites going inactive, and it is expected to normalize again at 1 billion sometime in […]

Google Develops Invisible Web Security Captcha Form

Captcha checks typically ask people to complete a puzzle that a computer would struggle to complete correctly. They are designed to stop automated bots accessing and using websites. Google’s new system tracks how a person […]

How to avoid Scams on Social media

Facebook cloning is a type of social media engineering scam in which the attacker copies the profile picture of an authorized user, creates a new account using that person’s name and sends friend requests to […]

Was the Electoral Commission’s VPN or Website hacked?

Wow, all too soon the election is over and already the transition team has been inaugurated, I must say it was great seeing the President John Mahama and the President Elect Nana Akufo-Addo and people like Capt. […]

The Digital Age, lessons for Banks

Welcome to my zone, today am not going to focus on information security as usual, I am focusing my lenses on the future of banking in Africa. IT Guru’s like Mr Franklin Asare of Oracle […]

Talk information Security With Sammi Laryea

If you are a business owner, an employee or a smartphone owner, Information security should be an integral part of everyday life, from the first day to your last, don’t ask why because you need […]