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Just like a piece of sculpture work, so I love girls and appreciate them. Watching girls in movies is like me going to an art gallery or exhibition to have some fulfillment. So I critically pay attention to what girls do in movies and that’s why today I’m talking about Priscilla Opoku Agyemang aka Ahouf3 Patri.

Ahouf3 Patri graciously is an epitome of what an African woman means. Picasso will be painting his way to heaven, if he ever tried painting Ahouf3 Patri. She has heavenly skin, curves, figure and pot of golds that can twist a man’s jaw to “stroke effect” if he wakes by her early morning in bed.

Nevertheless the best place she’s apt is in photos. Ahouf3 Patri became a “star” through a viral comedy skit in which she technically represents a “bait” no man can pass by and will love to please anytime, hence “Kalybos”. She didn’t come out as an actress, even before that skit she was not hungrily willing to act. Director Kofi Asamoah says it.


After appreciating her in the boys Kasa skits, I was however disappointed the first day I watched her live interview. She didn’t come with that fire I assumed from her fire looks and this continuous into her movie roles.

The climax of it, is watching her play a lead role in “Cocoa Brown TV series” where she’s casted as someone to portray the fire Delay. Apart from her looks matching up to portray Delay, the fire attitude is NOT there. “Have you watched her hosting a radio show in the series yet?” This is where I miss the old good relationship between Afia Schwarzenegger and Delay. Afia would have definitely killed that role, which won’t make a number of critics chastise the new series as boring and over hyped.



The 2011 Miss Malaika contestant, Ahouf3 Patri is a national sculpture treasure and Directors need to do more on her in movies, unless they only want men to watch her and not enjoy the movie.