Davido Blasts Sarkodie Fan Who Compared Him


Nigerian act Davido has responded and has requested to have singing competition with Sarkodie in the studio rather than the singing competition. He tweeted,

“Forget this one, let’s do gbedu competition.. make studio turn to kitchen lmao“.

Well, a Sark fan decided to let go of the cooking aspect and to jab Nigerian act Davido. He also tweeted: “Davido at your singing field, you’re not even the best in Africa. Sark is currently the best rapper in Africa. Lol. Conquer your field first so we talk about this”

The Nigerian superstar who also could not let this comment pass replied the fan asking him to shut up and go work for his daughter imade.

“No, let’s talk about your face first! Coming from someone with zero achievements! shutup and go and work for imade”