Did Davido Steal Part of Kojo Funds “Dun Talkin” In “Fall”?

In recent days, sampling has become a basic part of many genres of music. Sampling is literally the act of taking a portion, or sample, of one sound recording and re-recording it in a different song or piece. Sampling someone’s song without permission is by law an instant copyright violation.

In the latest copyright infringement issue, it has been alleged  Davido copied part of Kojo Funds’ 2016 single “Dun Talkin” featuring Abra Cadabra which he used it in his smash hit single “Fall”.

Music listeners and fans noticed this and have accused the “If” hitmaker of copyright infringement based on the fact that Davido has used or rephrase Kojo Funds chorus in “Dun Talkin” for his First verse in “Fall”. The accusation is being made base on the similarities of the lyrics and melodic pattern which they believe it is likely Davido did not independently create his verse.

Regardless of this controversy popping up, Kojo Funds has not made any accusation or complained about any copyright infringement. Davido is not new to Copyright issue. In 2012 he got in a mess with Skuki over a song titled “No Visa” 

Listen to both songs here and share your views with us.

Kojo Funds x Abra Cadabra – Dun Talkin (Prod. by GA) [Download
Davido – Fall (Prod. by Kiddominant) [Download]

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