Deborah Vanessa Has Confirmed Dating AMG Rapper Medikal

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No room for the rumor mill to stretch matters. Yes! Sister Debbie is dating!!

And it’s another of the very few celebrity couple in the Ghanaian space.

Singer and TV Personality Deborah Vanessa has revealed dating AMG rapper Medikal.

In an interview with Berla Mundi on #RythmzLive Request Show Thursday, the Uncle Obama hitmaker confirms their about three-week old relationship and she is already thinking marriage, she says.

“Yes, we’re dating. It’s been very recent, maybe about two to three weeks,” sister Debbie siad.

“We met because we had to do a song together. He wants to feature me on a hip-pop song… and then we just started talking… and it just clicked.”

She went on: “He is like so opposite from the person you see in the videos… He’s such a good person.”

Do you see yourself getting married to Medikal? A big “YES”, she responded.

“I’m very picky. It has to do with personality otherwise, I just can’t. We’re following our hearts and we don’t care about what people are saying.

She also put to bed, rumors of dating singer Joey B saying, “No, we’ve just been friends. We’re still friends.”

Sister Debbie is currently promoting her new single “Ghana Jollof” – her fifth since venturing into music.

Watch Deborah Vanessa speak on her new found love: