Deborah Vanessa spoils her fans

Forget her semi-nude photos and more, one thing that model and fashionista Deborah Vanessa-Owusu Bonsu affectionately known as Sister Derrbie does that’s impressive to the bone is how she relates to her followers.

Yes, take it or leave it, we the fans make the celebs who they are today but some after attaining celebrity status tend to look down or disdain we the fans as if they will forever be on top of their career.

Deborah Vanessa would reply you if you message her, would retweet your tweets, I mean she makes her relationship with her numerous fans and followers just admirable. Some of our Ghanaian celebs attitude towards fans is just not not and not. They make it seem as if we the fans are nonentity of a sort.

Over the weekend, she made time out of her busy schedules to just chill out with some of her fans. She took them to Coco lounge for some good food and then on top of that shopped for them as well.

Derrbie, you do all. What a kind heart, that’s the way to go, keep shinning!!

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