DJ Moller Bucks – The Election Mixtape 2016

The election year is here with us again. Election years seem to be one of the favourite years in almost every Ghanaian’s life.

Producer of Midweek madnezz show on YFM, Eccles Jayma Cudjoe known in showbiz as DJ Moller Bucks in collaboration with OdarteyGH presents the Election 2016 mixtape.

This is DJ Moller Bucks’ quest to campaign for a peaceful election. As a concerned citizen DJ Moller Bucks was able to get celebrities from all walks of life to send out peace messages in the mix to Ghanaians since these celebrities have positive influences on them. Celebrities such as Akosua Hanson (Yfm), DKB, Kwame Scientific,Juuju, OGee, Eli kondoh, Eddie Blay, Soulman,Brownberry, JKD of campus base tv etc.

The Mixtape is mashup of  hip hop, trap music and Afro Hip Hop
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