DKB Made Very Uncomplimentary Remarks That Men have The Right To Cheat

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Perhaps, in his usual comedy antics, comedian, DKB made very uncomplimentary remarks that has received a lot of backlash.

On Joy FM’s Rhythmz A to Z on Saturday, self-acclaimed Ghana’s King of Comedy DKB, gave “legal rights for men to cheat”. The former Big Brother Africa (BBA) has, however, made a u turn.

In a press release copied, he said he disassociates himself from the comment attributed to him.

This is the full release. I categorically dissociate from the statement “men can cheat” because that wasn’t what I said, I responded to the “can men cheat” question posed by presenter in the affirmative to set the premise for my satiric submission about cheating and relationships said DKB.

I made those statements with the exception of the word ‘can’ because I am not in the position to authorise actions of men. In the discussion, I used the literary device; satire, to address cheating and I approached it from the point of view of men who indulge in it and the flimsy excuses they give. Just as satire requires, I ridiculed that point of view by aligning towards it to make my submissions, so as to give people the politically incorrect and forbidden view of cheating as a topic.”

I am a devoted Christian and view cheating as a sin as it still is. Anyone who indoctrinates the earlier publication does so at his own risk since you are going to account to the Almighty and not me, he added.

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