Dominion African Ladies Hold Annual Conference

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Dominion African Ladies Club, a subsidiary of Dominion Leaders Foundation, has held its maiden annual conference in Accra to sensitise the public on mentoring as the key to career development.

Mrs Christina Armah, the President of the Club, said some ladies in Africa still seemed to be at a disadvantage despite the numerous efforts to push women to the top in various fields such as education, work, leadership, politics, and science.

She said most young girls found it difficult getting closer to ladies they admired to seek guidance, whereas matured ladies had lots of experiences they yearned to share with the youth but how to approach the young ladies or organise them was a burden.

Mrs Armah said there were a number of girls who still did not feel belonged in spite of their active involvement in ladies associations and organisations hence they often became antisocial and unapproachable especially when not married, after divorce or loss of partner.

She said the group, therefore, groomed and mentored girls into leadership positions and provided career guidance services to the youth to make the right career choices of their interest.

“We intend to bring African ladies together to eradicate career development and choices blockages through supporting the Foundation’s career projects by mentoring young African ladies to get to self-actualisation so as to pour out their career traits for the development of the nation and the world,” she said.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti, Host of the Standpoint programme, said mentorship was a laudable initiative but had its own challenges adding that there was the need for people to identify their purpose and make a change in the lives of others.

She, therefore, encouraged participants to strive through their challenges in reaching out to the vulnerable in society.

Source: GNA