Education Director Pleads with Government to Come to Their Aid – Kwahu Afram Plains South

Mrs. Elizabeth Amankwah Education Director - Kwahu Afram Plains South

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Mrs. Elizabeth Amankwah, the Director of Education for the Kwahu Afram Plains South in the Eastern Region on Friday said Kwahu Afram Plains South Schools lack infrastructure and they are pleading with government to come to their aid.

She lamented that St. Fidelis Senior High School has been the only SHS so far in the District which lacks infrastructure to accommodate students and also enhance effective learning.

“We have only one SHS in the District and that is St. Fidelis. The school in its current state needs infrastructure to run effectively and also contribute to the development of the nation since education is the key to success” she said.

Mrs. Elizabeth Amankwah added that they need an Assembly Hall and a big Auditorium where programs can be held because programs has to be schedule or cancelled when ever its about to rain.

They also lack school buses which has been a problem for them to travel outside the school for activities held for SHS students to exhibit their talents and also lift the name of the school high. She also said the pantoon fare is too much so they need intervention for reduction of fare whenever students have to cross for programs.

The Director of Education for the Kwahu Afram Plains South, Mrs. Elizabeth Amankwah said in her interview with Desiderata News that she wish Music will be introduce or added to the basic level and government should assist the schools with Drums and Musical Instruments.





The Basic schools will soon be going for their STIME and they will need a bus to convey them which if they have, will help convey the students.

“We are pleading to the government of Ghana to come to our aid” she said any Organisations, NGO’s, Institutions and Individuals who are willing to help are always welcome.

Desiderata News.