“Fight The System Not Musicians” – [Ruff N Smooth] Bullet Tells Akoo Nana

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Known in real life as Ricky Nana Agyemang manager of award-winning singer Ebony has expressed his candid opinion on Akoo Nana’s video he made a few days ago via his official social media [Facebook] handle.

Bullet who happens to be a member of music duo Ruff N Smooth wasn’t happy with Akoo Nana’s videos made on social media.but rather gave ou

He [Bullet] could not understand why the “Wash and wear” artiste [Akoo Nana] disgraced other Ghanaian artistes for not making money out of their music.

But rather advised him [Akoo Nana], that he should be mindful of what he say’s on social media because there might be an investor somewhere willing to support the music industry.

According to him, I support what Akoo Nana said in his video, but he shouldn’t have attack his colleague musicians but rather fight the system in the industry.

He continued that, structures must be in place so that musician can make enough for themselves and their craft MUSIGHA President Obour alone can’t-do it alone let’s unite and make sure our craft also put food on our tables.

For his part, Akoo Nana revealed in his video that Ghanaian musicians must unite to build a better music industry and not to flaunt what they [Musicians] don’t have.

Watch Akoo Nana’s video shared via Facebook as Bullet video can’t be found on his wall on Facebook…