Fishers happy over reopening of Densu Delta for fishing

After five months of observing a closed season, oyster farming in the Densu Delta in the Ga South Municipality in the Greater Accra Region has now been declared open, bringing joy to fisher folks who depend on the river for their livelihoods.

Fish harvesting activities in the Densu Delta was closed in November 2018, to allow for the regeneration of the sea food to boost yields.

The closed season, the second in two years, was undertaken by Development Action Association (DAA), a non-governmental organisation, in collaboration with the Densu Oyster Pickers Associating (DOPA), under a Sustainable Oyster Fishery Management Plan.

A ceremony to mark the re-opening season was held at the Tsokomey Landing Site, near Kokrobite yesterday on the theme: “Community co-management — Paving the way for effective national resource and sustainability.”


Oyster harvesting is a major source of livelihood for many people in communities along the Densu Delta including Tsokomey, Botianor and Tetegu.

The first closed season was observed last year, which, according to members of the DOPA, led to a massive boost in oyster yields.

They said although the decision to ground their tools for the second time in two years was a difficult one, the successes recorded after last year’s closure informed their sacrifice.

They, therefore, expressed confidence that the second opening season would also lead to a bumper harvest to compensate for the long wait.

“The closed season was a great opportunity for us. When the river was reopened, I made GH¢80 a day. That was not possible before,” Bernice Agorogo, a member of the DODA claimed.