Foster Romanus Quits Comedy and Has Finally Given His Life To Christ

1st July promises to be a very interesting day, why? Because Foster Romanus will attempt once again to merge the world of Comedy with the Good News. The first edition of Jesus laughs too was amazing. Foster managed to safely get us laughing our heads off while at the same time opening our eyes to some very important biblical facts and their application to our everyday lives.

What makes this project such a bold one? Well we all know how conservative the church is (especially the Presbyterian Church, I know because I am  member), we also know that Ghanaians in general are VERY HARD TO PLEASE. So Romanus is going up against some very serious odds here. Want to see how he does? Simple just join us on the day and you will know.

Personally I have no doubt in my mind that it will be worth every moment of my time and yours because I have seen Romanus perform on a professional and personal level and I know you will not be disappointed.

Another thing which caught my attention is His Ministry, many of our “celebrities” have what we call star power, an ability to influence public opinion due to their position as “celebrities”, unfortunately many of these popular people are famous for all the wrong reasons and do not make positive use of their star power. It therefore gladdens my heart to see that Foster Romanus has taken up such a cause, one I know he will see through so when you are coming on the 1st of July don’t forget to prepare yourself to support a worthy cause.

Comedy in the church is not something new, our Nigerian brothers have embraced the concept and some comedians have made ministries out of their calling as comedians.

Let us all join and support our brother Foster Romanus as he embarks on this journey with our prayers, have fun with Jesus as we raise funds for the needy. Every good work deserves support. Don’t miss out on this great blessing.

See you on the 1st of July, lets meet laugh, learn, fellowship and give to support a worthy cause. Thank you once again for your time and patience. God bless you.