Fuse ODG Builds School For Orphans In Akosombo

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It’s safe to say that Afrobeats Star Fuse ODG is having the best time of his life in his homeland.

His lifetime goal of starting a school has materialised. Over the weekend, he was joined by Grammy-winning Musician Ed Sheeran at the school located in Akosombo in the Eastern Region.

ODG and his manager, Andre Hackett raised funds through community projects in collaboration with WorldWide Missions, a charity organisation.

The school accommodates some 300 children, most of them orphans or from broken homes.

“I’m super excited about this project,” the ‘Antenna’ hitmaker told Live FM‘s Vanessa Gyan in an interview. “This isn’t about publicity for me or my team. It was emotional seeing these kids running around with smiles all on their faces.”