Google is Bringing Google Now smarts to Chrome

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If you want to know what Google Now-powered Chrome looks like, all you need to do is install Chrome Dev. Google is currently testing a New Tab page with Google Now smarts. If it’s working for you, you’ll see the usual New Tab page, but with recent bookmarks just below the search box and frequent pages, with suggested content below that.

The positioning of the suggested content is perfect if you want to ignore it, but easily accessible for anyone that likes the feature. Of course, you can always toggle the Chrome flag off if you want to remove it altogether (or just switch to the stable Chrome app, which currently doesn’t have the feature at all). Apparently, the Google Now New tab page is also appearing for some users in Chrome Beta.

If you’re not seeing the suggested content and recent bookmarks in Chrome Dev, open up the following URL: chrome://flags/ and search for the following entry: ‘Show snippets on the New Tab page’. You can enable it, disable it, stick with the default, or choose ‘Enabled via content suggestion server (backed by Google Now)’. It seems reasonable to assume that this new feature will eventually roll out to the stable Chrome app as well.

Chrome-Dev-New-Tab-page-frequent-sites-recent-bookmarks-840x1493 Chrome-Dev-New-tab-page-frequent-sites-840x1493