I Can’t Sing About Sex And Alcohol When People Are Still Suffering – Afriyie Wutah

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A member of the defunct music group – Wutah has revealed why he does the kind of songs he is noted for. Speaking on the AM Pluzz show on Pluzz FM with Sammy Flex, Afriyie explained that he sings inspirational and love songs because people are suffering. “How can I be singing about sex and alcohol when people are still suffering?” He quizzed.

The former member of Wutah group further went on to add that, most of his fellow musicians are no longer singing. What they do instead, is creating hooks. Afriyie recounts that, back in the day, the likes of Kojo Antwi and other achieved Musicians actually sang.

They were able to hold a single note for some time and had melodies that went with that. But of-late all you see is guys doing hooks.

The “Lala” hit maker was on the show to promote his new tune – “Here to stay”.

Arnold Mensah Elavanyo