I Got Married Early Wisa Gried Explains

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Hiplife musician Wisa got married in his early twenties, a step that raised a lot of eyebrows.

At his age, one may assume that he would have taken his time to get some things done right before embarking on that journey but the Slow Motion singer says he married early so that he could concentrate on his career.

“I married early so that I can have time and concentrate on my career. With the kind of music I do, I need time and space to bring out the creativity in me and I know that a time will come I will go through the pressure of finding a soul mate.

“so I decided to do that early and have time for myself and music. A decision I do not regret though, “he told Livefmghana.com in an exclusive interview.

Other school of thought claims Wisa married his wife for her money.

“It is never true; I did not marry because of her money. I had my things running before I even met her so that story is not true,” he said.

Wisa has been in the news for publicly declaring his support for the opposition party, New Patriotic Party (NPP) and for the release of a song that angered most industry players and fans.

He is married to Mariah, an American of Jamaican decent.