I have nothing but love for my ‘successors’ since i have had my time – Eazzy

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Between 2009 and 2013, there was no female Hiplife artiste bigger than Eazzy. With hit songs like Bo Wo Nsem Ma Me and Wengeze, a stint on Big Brother Africa and her romance with Keita, she was the center of attention.

Then came her split from Lynx Entertainment and the emergence of new female artistes like Kaakie and MzVee and she was no longer the center of attention.

In the last three to four years, she has released a number of good songs but they have been drowned out especially as Ebony took the industry by storm.

It is only natural that she would be worried about how her star seems to have dimmed but in an interview with Showbiz on Tuesday, Eazzy says she has nothing but love for her ‘successors’ since she has had her time.

“Oh no! Why will I envy anyone? She went on to say; the truth is that I’ve had my time and I enjoyed everything that came with the attention at the time. Fame is seasonal and I admit it’s time for other people to enjoy the spotlight so that is fine.“Besides, there were other female artists before me and I don’t think they didn’t want me to succeed. As an artist, I perfectly understand that aspect of show business and I prepared for such a season.

I don’t allow such things to get to me because I’m a positive person,” she added.