I Will Ask Ebony Who Or What Killed Her – Bullet

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Manager of the late Ebony Reigns, Ricky Nana Agyemang known in showbiz as Bullet has indicated that he will question Ebony about what or who killed her should she return to life.

Bullet in an interview with Kwame B on Kasapa FM’s ‘Di Wo Lane Mu’ show indicated that he will ask Ebony Reigns what actually killed her, whether she died a natural death or someone caused her death.

Bullet went on to say that Ebony’s sudden demise really shocked him and had to come all the way from Sweden to ascertain whether it was true or not.

“Should Ebony come back to life, I will ask her if her death was natural or someone had a hand in it,” Bullet said.

Bullet continued they visited Ebony’s mom in December 2017 but was not aware of Ebony’s visit to Sunyani that resulted in her death.

Ebony died in a gory car accident on February 8, 2018, when her vehicle collided head-on with a VIP bus at Mankranso in the Ashanti Region on the Sunyani-Kumasi highway.

Ebony died with two people, her alleged lesbian partner–Franky Kuri, a military man serving as her bodyguard.

Some of the hit songs she produced were, ‘Dancefloor,’ ‘Kupe,’ ‘Hustle,’ ‘Maame Hwe,’ ‘Date Ur Fada’ and ‘Poison’.