I’d Rather Listen To Radio Stations With Ordinary English Than The Others With Accent – George Quaye

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P.R.O for Charterhouse Ghana – George Quaye has declared his position on which radio stations he loves to listen to. George who was called to contribute to the topic – Branding And Name Selection, on AM Pluzz with Sammy Flex advised that branding is very important for artistes especially, beginers.

He states that when it comes to choosing names as underground artistes, it is very important to select names that reflect the brand. The former Taxi Driver actor also added that beyond the selection of names, extra attention must be paid to the kind of names one chooses for their e-mail address and social media handles since that also contributes to either make or break the brand.

To further support his call, George Quaye advised artistes and entertainers to be real to themselves enough to sound real. According to him, trying to sound like Jay Z when you are not Jay Z doesn’t add up. “It is better to sound clear and get your simple grammar tenses right than trying to impress by adopting some foreign accent”, he added.

Wrapping up with his interview, he added that he would rather listen to Sammy Flex and Presenters of his kind who speak ordinary everyday English and are able to communicate without accent, than listen to radio stations whose Presenters slang. ” Sammy you and your fine gentlemen speak all the time, I am not sure you people slang, but you are able to communicate. I’d rather listen to you than the others who slang.” He disclosed.

Arnold Mensah Elavanyo