I’ve Been Dumped Twice By Girls- Campus Base Host J.K.D Confesses

Call him the campus commando, the ladies man or the “realer no” he is Jay Kojo Dasebrε aka JKD. He’s indeed a commando because he has conquered every campus in town with his amazing show – Campus Base Tv.

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His vocal command and his versatility both on tv and radio has won him much admiration among the youth especially the ladies. It was time for the host to be hosted by the only Social Media Celeb Talk Show in Ghana Vibes in 5. Asked about his relationship, the ladies man revealed he is single and explained why.

Jormorbi – The Heart of a Lamb and the Voice of a Lion

An emotional JKD stated,” I’m very bitter about relationships cos I’ve been dumped twice by girls, when I give in my all they take me for granted”. As it stands now yours truly JKD is single and so all faithful girls out there can jump into his boat.

Credit: Kingsley Ofori Appiah / Desiderata News.