Jupitar Finally Reveals His Secrets

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We all have struggled one way or the other to get to where we are now and dancehall act, Jupitar, the Enemies hitmaker is no exception.

Jupitar da general was on Metro TV’s morning ride show with Dzifa Gray and when asked how he was able to breakthrough after several attempts, he mentioned that perseverance brought him to where he’s now.

“Perseverance is everything. I think perseverance is the key. It was easy at all coming up. I have to stay all night in the studio, I would go to the studio very early to even sweep the place but lots of times, I won’t even have the chance to record but that didn’t stop me.”

He continued, “I pushed, pushed and push and here am I now. So to the young acts out there. The start is always difficult but keep on pushing. You will eventually make it oneday.”

Jupitar also disclosed that he’s set to release a new song soon.