Kaakie Schools Critics Of Her “We dey Chew Weed” Line In New Single “Sankwas”

Female Ghanaian dancehall artist Grace Kaki Awo Ocansey otherwise known by her stage name Kaakie has responded to criticisms and accusations by a number of “critics” and reviewers of her new single “sankwas” which features multiple hit maker Guru.

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Since dropping the new single, a number of critics have jumped unto her line “Opposition wuan bury we, dem no know sey we dey chew weed” accusing her of promoting marijuana, a substance which is illegal in Ghana.

However, the artist took to social media to school critics on the use of a figure of speech in the said line. According to her, she employed a metaphor and it’s sad a number of people who claim to be reviewers or critics couldn’t even understand such a simple line.

Read her comments.

“Weed chewing is a metaphor . It’s deeper than you see it.( Opposition wuan bury we..) Bury we in the ground and we’ll chew grass & Survive.” Where does weed grow?” ‪#‎Sankwas‬.”


Earlier, a number of critics accused her of directing the song at colleague dancehall artists or raising a “beef” which she laughed at. According to her, the song is not directed anyone but anyone who claims it can then be considered “Sankwas”. “SANKWAS!!! is not directed at anybody… Yet the Original Sankwas are revealing themselves to the world!!!”