Lekzy DeComic Thrills Patrons With His Performance At 1023 Laughs

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Night of a 1023 Laughs and Music was the stage and Lekzy, thrilled everyone present at the auditorium with back to back rib cracking jokes. The time was just a few minutes past 8 and people were making it into the hall to enjoy what would be a time of their life. The show was about to start and Lekzy is the one to open the night.

As Lekzy DeComic was announced to perform, people in the audience were anxious to see the first act of the night, and were wondering whether the performance of the one about to perform will pave the way for a very hilarious night. Lekzy mounted the stage and it was fireworks.

He kept patrons laughing hard so much that it almost felt like he had taken over the show. Even though Lekzy has been in the scene for a while now, many do not really know what he is capable of, but last Monday, he made a very big statement, a statement I can confidently translate as “Watch out for Lekzy DeComic next year”.

Lekzy who is also the host for the monthly comedy show, Laughline, performed so well on the night top media took to social media to praise him. Francis Doku tweeted “Lekzy Decomic is killing it #1023Laughs” and Ameyaw Debrah shared part of Lekzy’s performance on Periscope and also tweeted “lol Lekzy killed it with the Ebola Joke #1023Laughs.

Lekzy DeComic who had his breakthrough this year, has since been a delight to watch each time he is on stage. The performance and the 1023 laughs was a huge step in the right direction for the comedian and I know for a fact that if he continues like this it would not be long till he goes international.

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