Mabel Simpson’s journey to success

“The idea was one that even my parents did not want to buy into”, Mabel Simpson recounted as the shared the success story of mSimps.

With a startup capital of ¢200 and a sewing machine she got from her grandmother, Mabel started her line of business that would turn her into one of the most celebrated creative entrepreneurs in Ghana.

She had no business plans but today, mSimps is one of the biggest brands in Ghana’s fashion industry. From her garage, she produces handmade accessories which include handbags, purses, slippers, loafers and Ipad cases made with a touch of African fabric.

Mabel studied Communication Design at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and started mSimps at 25. That was two years after school. She was working for a marketing company in Accra when the idea came to her.

Mabel’s passion is to promote products made in Ghana. “I want to see people believe in Ghana again”, she told Daryl Kwawu on the JOY BUSINESS VAN

Mabel Simpson has carved a niche for herself over the years. She is sought after at exhibitions both home and abroad. Her accessories are sold in the US, Australia, Nigeria and South Africa.

It’s a tough business environment but Mabel sticks to the principles of time management, efficiency, loyalty and trust. She currently employs six workers but has created indirect employment for many as she sources 80 percent of her raw materials locally.

Mabel is entrepreneurial at heart and plans to train more young people, especially young women to be like her.

“Currently, we have one young lady we are assisting in growing her brand” she revealed.


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