Messi should be banned – Iranian coach, Carlos Queiroz

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Carlos Queiroz, Coach of the Iranian national team, is of the opinion that Messi is banned due to his expertise in the football game.

According to Queiroz, Messi is too good and should be banned from football. He insists that the footballer is suspended by FIFA until he can prove he is not an extra-terrestrial!

In his words;

”I’ve always said that Messi is an extraordinary player. He’s out of this world. If he were human, he wouldn’t have had that magical moment in that match. I don’t usually like losing, but I didn’t come away from that defeat with a negative feeling. It’s when something magical like that happens that you know that football is alive and kicking.

And that’s why it’s one of the best sports in the world to watch. “And it’s even more of a special moment when it comes from a player who shouldn’t be allowed to play by FIFA until it’s proven that he’s actually human!”