Pay your dues to build the music industry – Obour tells musicians

President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Bice Osei Kuffour (Obour), has urged artistes in the Ghanaian Music Industry to be concerned about registering and paying monthly dues to MUSIGA, irrespective of how successful they already are in the entertainment industry.

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Over the years, the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has encountered several disagreements and brawls between upcoming and current musicians against the decisions of the management with regards to the welfare of artistes across the country.

Speaking to host KMJ on ‘Daybreak Hitz’ on Hitz FM, Obour revealed the reality of ‘serious’ artistes in the country to join the MUSIGA organization stems from the fact that,  the industry provides the ultimate platform to uplift musicians to the peak of their careers.

“Many musicians must come to that reality. Irrespective how you make it on your won, the industry must be prepared to create the platform for you, unless you’re a selfish person you will be in your quarters. Many musicians who think they want to survive in the industry like having an empire must utilize the course…” he said.

He further stressed on the need of unity and equality between musicians to actively work towards achieving goals and objective to boost the interest of upcoming artistes to be part of the MUSIGA family.

Nevertheless, the ‘Aboa Konkontiba’ hit maker said members who fail to pay their dues cease to become part of the family hence it is a ‘political’ gesture to make sure members are paying dues on time.

“Some musicians were far from MUSIGA like Joey B, Pappy Kojo among others but they are closer now and I see the future of MUSIGA very bright. The only way to resolve is to come together to fight as one…”

“Membership expires every year. If you’re a member of 2014 and you don’t pay your dues in 2015 you cease to be a member. It runs to membership dues. If we choose not to renew then people wouldn’t pay. . It’s an organization whose income doesn’t cover its basic expenditure. So the organization has to find creative ways to make it survive. The major source of funds is dues…” he revealed.

He however said that, he respects the personal decisions of musicians who don’t want to join because he is president, but further urge them to come to the realization since he will not be President forever.

Moreover, his greatest consent, he added, was for musicians to allow the reality of joining the MUSIGA union dawn on them positively.

“If you limit it to personal sentiments that if I’m president you don’t want to join MUSIGA. I am cool. But the self-actualization to join MUSIGA is what I am talking about. It is very important…” he said.