Pray For Me Wayoosi Appeals To Ghanaians

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For the past two weeks, KATH has been flooded with high profile film actors mainly from Kumawood actors as the show of love and empathy for Wayose keeps soaring.Radio presenters in Kumasi especially Nhyira FM have launched ‘an appeal for funds’ to support the 40-year-old actor who has thrilled Ghanaians over the years.

Doctors told Graphic Showbiz last Saturday that the condition of the actor was stable and could get better with time. But both the actor and the doctors have refused to disclose what exactly was wrong with Wayoose.

Wayoose told this reporter on phone after his wife, Abena, refused to comment that he was getting better but urged Ghanaians to pray for him. Rumours about Wayoose’s death has gone viral since his admission on July 15, 2016, at the Ward D3 of the hospital popularly referred to as ‘a place of no return.’

Indeed, the ward is noted for admitting people with terminal and chronic diseases most of whom hardly survive. Perhaps it is that notion that has heightened the rumour about his death.


The Public Relations Officer of KATH, Mr Kwame Frimpong, calmed the nerves of the public and said doctors were working hard for Wayoose to get back on his feet.

Sources, however, close to the actor told Showbiz that Wayoose has been battling with diabetics for some time now and doctors have advised that his right leg which has a big sore be amputated but he has refused.

Indeed, the sore has affected the movement of the actor and he is normally seen limping on the leg. The source said the leg has deteriorated badly as gangrene has set in and was ‘eating up’ some other parts of his body.

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