Rocky Dawuni Advises Ghanaians Ahead of Elections – “We Need Strong and Transformative Leadership”

Ghanaian Grammy Nominee, Rocky Dawuni, took some time to share his thoughts few days before Ghanaians go to the polls. In an official press statement release, below were the words of the legendary Ghanaian Singer;

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“As a Ghanaian, I felt the need to share some of my personal insights as we approach our elections. My plea to my fellow countrymen and women is that now more than any time in recent history we need strong and transformative leadership. When you look at the current global political landscape and its rising populist and nationalistic shifts;  exemplified by Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in America we have to understand that our own success as a nation and as Africans would lie in our own hands and our ability to adapt to changing circumstances. There is an immediate need for us to strive towards self sufficiency and align our collective aspirations towards upliftment of each other. 
Ghana needs leadership that can rise beyond socio-political divisions to inspire and unify our country towards a common purpose. We need a leader that can also truly understand the renewed urgency of our responsibility to Africans on the continent and to our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. A need to aim towards achieving real continental unity in line with the vision of our founding fathers.
We need selfless leadership that can enact policy to grow our economy, tackle poverty, address the cancer of corruption and take advantage of modern scientific advancements to create equal opportunities for all Ghanaians. 
It is an achievement for every citizen of age to be blessed with the right to exercise their constitutional right to vote for the party of their choice but this exercise in democracy must in no way compromise the peace and stability of our dear nation and our enduring role as the beacon of African Democracy. In the long run, the ultimate prize of this process is that the PEOPLE of Ghana must collectively emerge the winner on Election Day.”  (Rocky Dawuni)
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