Rugby Union President Urged to Work on Club Championship

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The vice president of the Greater Accra Rugby Association (GARA), Emmanuel Owusu Bamfi, has called on GRFU President, Herbert Mensah, to deliberate on the improvement of the upcoming GRCC (Ghana Rugby Club Championship).

He made this request at the president’s office on the 18th of August 2016 two days after the GARA Election Congress where he was elected as the vice president of the association.

The former captain of the Ghana Rugby National team made a passionate appeal to the president to bring his thoughts on how to develop the Ghana Rugby Club Champions League to ensure not just a successful league, but an exciting one.

Mr. Bamfi cited lack of sponsorship and inadequate training facilities for clubs and players as the main difficulty that hindered the GRCC in the previous seasons.

He believes the president, being their leader with much experience and capabilities, is the right channel to help eradicate these problems to enable smooth running of the league.

GRFU President, Herbert Mensah on the other hand was very impressed with the call and therefore extended gratitude to the GARA Vice president for recognition and confidence he has in him.

Mr. Mensah classified the act of his vice as a virtuous sign of leadership and consequently encourages colleague members of the association to follow in his footsteps.

Mr. Herbert Mensah has therefore, vowed to offer his help in any area in his power to make the GRCC the most popular league in Ghana.