Soldier Who Died With Ebony Was Not Assigned To Be With Her And Now Faces A Court Martial

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Three people died in the accident that killed talented songstress Ebony Reigns, although the attention has been primarily on the singer and her partner.

However, the third person is a Ghana Armed Forces personnel, identified as Francis Atsu Vondee.

Vondee was reportedly serving as protection for the singer, although he had not been given permission to deploy with her.

According to sources in the armed forces who spoke with 3news, for going AWOL (Away without official leave), he would be placed on court martial posthumously.

If found guilty, his family could face the consequences, as the benefits he would be entitled to could be stripped.

3news’ report reads…

Checks by at the Ghana Armed Forces confirmed Vondee who was in a military uniform at the time of the accident, was not assigned to perform bodyguard duties, and that, he was doing “purely private and personal business”.

According to our sources at the military high command in Accra, investigations would be conducted into the matter and once it is established he was not officially sanctioned for bodyguard duties, his body would be court-martialed.

That is the body would be charged for being absent without leave (AWOL). That, the sources say, is in line with the laws and statutes governing the Ghana Army.

The sources said if found guilty of the charge, his family “could be denied his benefits” due him, including insurance packages.