‘How Does Someone’s Name Affect The Price Of Kenkey Or Fuel?’ — A Plus Slams Births And Deaths Registry

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The Births and Deaths Registry’s recent decision to ban some local ‘titles’ from being used as names is not a very bright decision and most Ghanaians are predictably unhappy with it.

It spits on our own culture in favour of that of our former colonial masters, but worst of all it restricts choice for the Ghanaian in choosing their own name.

Hiplife star A Plus is one Ghanaian completely unhappy with this name change. Writing on Facebook, A Plus wonders how a country with so many problems like Ghana thinks regulating people’s names is what is most important.

Births And Deaths Registry Blacklist Local Names Like Nana, Nii And Naa

“People just get up and make useless laws in this country.” the rapper born Kwame Asare Obeng wrote.

“Sometimes you wonder what goes through their head. You can’t enforce sanitation laws to prevent disease and reduce the burden on NHIA but we can hurriedly enforce tv licence laws and “Name Laws.” How does someone’s name affect the price of kenkey? How does it affect the price of fuel? Nonsense things nkoaaa tweaaa” he added.