‘Sponsor’ isn’t profane – Ebony hits back at Tv3

Dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns asserts that although some artistes of the same genre hit the mainstream before her, their existence and works do not pose any threat to her.

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Bubbly dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns, has registered her displeasure about the decision by TV3 network, to edit portions of her song “Sponsor” insinuating profanity.

The 20-year artiste, says the song which is making waves since it releases, is simply a piece of good work and not profane as some want to portray it.

Through a Facebook post, Ebony who felt disappointed by the decision of TV3 drew the attention of the station, to do the needful and immediately remove the censor sound placedon portions of the song, so the video can be enjoyed fully.

According to Ebony, her song depicts and talks about current happenings in the Ghanaians society and not necessarily profanity, which the station has sought to show.

Read the said Facebook post below sighted by ghanadat.com:

“My song sponsor talks about the realities of life and what is happening in our society. Sponsor does not encourage young girls to go date older rich men. There is no singleexplicit lyrics in the song sponsor. menk) te’a 3y3 me ya is twi my local language.

TV3 thanks for supporting my music by playing my sponsor video but please can you kindly remove that (censor)sound you put in the video when you are showing it?thank you#sponsor”

The artiste, who has hit tracks such “Kupe”, “Poison”, explained that the bit edited by the station was nothing but a Twi language phrase which says “meko t’ea 3y3 me ya” to wit, “he said it is paining me”.

Source: ghanadat.com