Stardo Karle feat. Pappy Kojo – Shinning Star (Prod. by GuiltyBeatz)


Stardo Karle feat. Pappy Kojo – Shinning Star (Prod. by GuiltyBeatz) [Download] 

You be the rhythm that dey run my heart, you should have told me from the very start, that you would come and shake my world apart, you be my love, you be my shining star ‘ Stardo sings.

Stardo Karle does it yet again, releasing her new smash hit single Shining Star, featuring Ghana’s ‘Realer No’ rapper star, Pappy Kojo.

Stardo’s fearless and bold lyrics delight in the whirlwind, destructive and enlightening feeling of attraction that any hopeless romantic has experienced; whilst Pappy smoothly states his promises any female would love to hear. Produced by Ghana’s hottest Producer, Guilty Beatz, Shining Star is guaranteed to make its mark in the Afrobeat and Pop world!