Students Urged to Tackle Climate Change Challenges

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Mr Fred Awaah, General Secretary, (Head of Missions) of All Africa Students Union (AASU), has called on students across the African Continent, to as a matter of urgency help address the challenges of climate change.

He said there has been a threatening statistics regarding the issue of climate change and food security in Africa, as such; there is the need to ensure the youth particularly students engage in climate change discussions.

He made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), at the opening ceremony of the 5th Africa Students and Youth Summit.

The five day summit, which was organised by AASU, is on the theme: “Students Response to Climate Change and Implications for Food Security in Africa.”

Mr Awaah said it is estimated that by 2020 most African countries that are still relying on rain-fed agriculture for food cultivation will have a 50 per cent reduction in terms of food production.

He said it also estimated that 250 million Africans would go through water related stress as a result of climate change; and these are the things that are threatening to students of the continent, knowing that they constitute more than 60 per cent of the Continent’s population.

“Addressing climate change and its implications for food security, there is a need to discuss the challenges and as well develop appropriate measures to salvage the situation for future generations,” he added.

He said in Ghana the average farmer is 55 years meanwhile life expectancy in Ghana is 60 years, which implies averagely a farmer works after 55 years, and 5 years onwards he is gone.

“This is threatening; what are the young people doing in agriculture?”

Mr Awaah called on stakeholders to support the government in ensuring that issues regarding to climate change are well addressed.

AASU is the Pan-African students organisation formed to galvanise the young people, particularly students into all efforts geared toward the development of the Continent.

Since its inception in 1972, AASU now has presence in all 55 countries in Africa, and has played among others, an important role in the struggle against colonialism and apartheid.

Today, AASU is at the forefront of the fights for equal access to quality education and the Continent’s quest for democracy, respect of human rights, promotion of African culture and sustainable development