Swarovski West African has Organized a day’s Workshop to train Ghanaian Fashion Designers in Accra.

The workshop theme is “a touch of sparkle”. This is to train the designers on how to use the swarovski elements to add value to their garments to excel in international market.

Miss. Emefa Gagakuma Gisela, representative of Swarovski in West Africa, in an interview said most fashion designers in Ghana are very good in creativity when it comes to art work but don’t have good finishing skills to make their work exceptional.

She again said fashion designers in Ghana must learn how to add good finishing tactics to their garments. In order for them to achieve that, she decided to organize a first Swarovski workshop program in Ghana to train fashion designers on how to add good finishing tactics to their work.

The creative director of sub-saharan lamented. “In other to add luxury to original African print garment, I could not think of any other brand to complement my creative works than adding a Swarovski element”.


Fashion designers at the programe told desiderata news that they love Swarovski elements because, it add more value to their garment and would love to be part of Swarovski workshop.

Others also said they have never used Swarovski elements before so when they heard about the workshop program they decided to join and learn how to use  Swarovski elements on garments.

Swarovski has been in market for about 120 years and is an element people use to embellish their cloths.

These elements add technical value to garment and its content comes from a luxurious crystal material which is different from other elements in the market.

The element has a unique sparkle of a diamond which looks more like one. Swarovski also produce products such as pens, jewelries, corporate gifts, pen drives that is to mention few.

This has made it possible for Sub-Saharan fashion and other fashion designers in Ghana to partner Swarovski workshop.

Creative Director of Sub-Saharan Fashion

Desiderata News