The Charges Are Not Meant To Limit The Media – Organizers Of Chale Wote Festival Clear The Air

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Organizers of Chale Wote Festival have finally opened up to outline the reasons for which they placed charges on coverage of this year’s edition by the media.

Speaking on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz show, Sadiq, a rep for the organizers explained that the charges they put out for the media which attracted great deal of public back lash is not to limit or strike out media houses from covering the festival.

Instead, they did that to guard artists right over their works. He disclosed that in the past, major media houses and media organizations took advantage of the festival to make money through using footage and pictures taken from the festival.

“The charges we put out is not to limit media coverage but rather we want to stop media outfits from taking advantage of people’s works for commercial gains at the expense of the right owners”. Sadiq said.

He went on to state that interested media houses are welcome to be part of the Chale Wote Festival. All they need to do is to go through the right processes to acquire accreditation to enable them carry out their activities smoothly.

The festival starts from today through to Sunday.

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