The Woman Bright of Buk Bak Allegedly Jilted For His ‘Secret Wedding’

Following the recent low-key wedding of Buk-Bak member, Bright, there are allegations that the wedding ceremony was done in a ‘secretive’ manner in order not to risk being exposed by the musician’s other lover. claims that Bright (alias Bling Sparkles) has incurred the wrath of Ginger Corbeil,(a very popular woman in the Ghanaian community in New York) after reports surfaced that the musician had secretly married the mother of her two children, Jackie. According to the report, Bright had been living with  Ginger for the past six years.

Ginger reportedly questioned Bright – in a comment on an Instagram post- why he deceived her into thinking he was only going to outdoor his baby on the said wedding day. (The comment has since been deleted from Instagram).

Ginger Corbeil  is said to be a socialite and the current manager of a hospitality home which specialises in “caring for senior citizens” in New York. She is also one of the reasons behind Buk Bak’s comeback hit single ,‘Kolom.’

Although the said scorned woman, Ginger Corbeil has not said anything about the matter, a rather too willing source had these to say about incident:

“You can’t really trust men. Bright slept in Ginger’s bed on Thursday night and discussed plans to outdoor the new born baby he had with his ex, since he was being forced by the parents of the girl. As loving as she is, she willingly allowed her fiance and even gave him a present for the kid. However, we were all shocked late Saturday when we saw picturesof an outdooring ceremony turned low key engagement ceremony.”

“What even hurts the most is the fact that he f**ked her on Thursday night and told her he was going to name his baby on Saturday only to be furnished with pictures of a traditional engagement ceremony later on Saturday”.

“She feels used and disrespected by the musician especially as they were already planning a wedding. Everybody in New York knew about them”.


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