This Year Dynamic Youth Motivators Foundation holds the 2ND Edition of The Charity Car Wash

Dynamic Youth Motivators Foundation holds the 2ND Edition of the Charity Car Wash on saturday 11th June, 2016. It will go down at Dansoman, KFC. As a youth empowerment platform, we are making a big stage for UPCOMING ARTISTES, DANCERS, JUGGLERS etc to show their talents to the world. Come one, Come in multiple like soldiers to support this great event.

DJ’s that will be holding events like nobody’s business DJ BBOG from Desiderata Entertainment, DJ Pee-Tee, DJ Lord & Dj Shanty. The team is made up youth talented youths who are wlling to sacrifies and make a change in their society.

REMEMBER: Proceeds from this fundraising event will be used to support a HEALTH TOUR Projects in Senior High Schools in September. Some Media sponsors that took part in this event include Desiderata Entertainment , BB Creatives, 1+1 Barbarng Salon, KFC (Dansoman Branch), Ingenious Photos, DC20 Fitness Club, Deag Food. And also some artist that will be supportng are Article Wan, Khalid, Jah Knows, RTay, Tida and many more.

Everyone is invited, tell a friend to tell another friend. You can follow DYM_Foundation on all social media.



Hardworking Bella in action.IMG-20150905-WA0081

Some of DYM_Foundation ladies


 Group photograph of Ghana’s Unstoppable Youth MotivatorsWP_20150919_272

DJ BBOG (Desiderata Entertainment), DJ PeeTee, DJ Lord & Dj Shanty.