Tutulapato Entertained Patrons At “Emanuella Meets Kalybos” Show

Small boy danger, Tutulapato has been rapping for many years now.

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The young rapper who entertained patrons at the ‘Emanuella meets Kalybos’ concert held on Saturday, August 13 at the Efua Sutherland Park in Accra has grown.

He is no more the small boy we knew many years ago as we saw him in TV3’s reality show.

There has been a major transformation in the figure of the young boy who shot to fame after competing in TV3’s Talented Kidz.


Tutu at the show was not looking shabby. He was neatly dressed to inspire the kids who were at the event grounds to have fun.

Desiderata News. has some pictures of the artiste real name Cosmos Boako from the event.

Check out Tutulapato’s outfit to the Emanuella meets Kalybos concert organised by 3 dot multimedia.

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