Two Ghanaian Comedians Dr. So and Jeneral Ntatia Got Missing In Germany.

The 2 Idiots

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Two Ghanaian comedians Dr. So and Jeneral Ntatia known as the 2 idiots have introduced a new comedy video known as Misfit. Unlike the comedy videos we say, this misfit video has different style and approach. When Desiderata.News approached the 2 idiots they explained that this style of video is know is the Point of view style of story telling and they intend to introduce more of this style to make their videos unique.

Misfit is basically about two young ( 2 idiots ) who go in search of Betty in Germany they arrived and the woman who invited them did not pic them on time.

Everything that they went through as strangers in Germany is what is captured in this short movie. Desiderata News have gotten the privilege to see the trailer and we can say this is pure and authentic comedy. Will they be able to see Betty? If the police see them what will happen?

They said Ghanaians should watch out for the day, time and venue that they will premier this new video, they call the day of premiering their video as comedy festival in Ghana.

Desiderata News.