King One, a Tema based music producer is our host today on wild discovery. Relax! grab some pop corn and read through get to know all mind blowing things about GUM Awards Music Producer of the year (2015).

King One, a Tema based music producer is our host today on wild discovery. Relax! grab some pop corn and read through get to know all mind blowing things about GUM Awards Music Producer of the year (2015)

Wild Discovery: King One, share with us about your real name place of origin, religion and a bit about your education.

King One: Am Eric Kofi Annan
Fante from Abrem Agona in the central region.
Offered General Arts in Abetifi Presby SHS,
went to a Korean ICT school in Tema and passed out with Golden Medal in the final exams.

Wild Discovery: Very nice but well known in Showbiz as King One, briefly tell us what exactly do you do in showbiz?

King One: King one is a Music Producer, Musician (dancehall artiste), Composer, Artiste Manager and Entrepreneur.

Wild Discovery: wow! you seem to do a lot at a go, let’s break it all down. As a music producer tell us what you do.

King One: Well I play beat, I record vocals, I mix and master songs for musicians, do adverts for companies, jingles for radio stations etc

Wild Discovery: Excellent! Can you name some brands and musicians you ever worked for, before?

King One: A lot! Sarkodie, Edem, Black Rasta, Stonebwoy, Stay Jay, Vybrant Fayah, Episode, Gemini, KGPM, Masaany, Keche, Opanka, Bkay, etc

Wild Discovery: Good work there! As a Music Producer do you have any competition out there?

King One: Yes! In as much as am doing me, life itself is a competition so it is what it is.

Wild Discovery: Well said. So to you specifically it’s a general competition for all music producers out there or there are some top notch producers you hope to be better than?

King One: Sure its a general competion out there. Even though I want to be like top notch producers like Zapp Mallet, Hammer and the likes, other upcoming producers also wanna be like me and so therefore the competition doesnt know who is big or small. This is because somebody can over take anyone at any time (hahaha)

Wild Discovery: Haha! smartly said. Yet before we rap on you as a music producer, tell us, when did it start and how did you learn it?

King One: If I can recall I think around 2005. You know I was once in a music group of 3. Whenever we go to studio to record a song, I contribute a lot in the making of the beat with engineer, so that propelled me to see my interest in the making of beats. So right after I was done with SHS, I started searching for my talent #beatmaking. So I started by going to keyboard classes of learning how to play it. Fortunately, later a friend introduced me a studio in Tema com.9 and thats how it begun.

Wild Discovery: Wow!!! this is a big motivation, starting as a musician and to this far as a producer. Congrats! So then let’s talk about King One as a Musician(Dancehall Artiste).

**Segment Two **

WILD DISCOVERY: You mentioned you were in a music group. Brief us about it. Name of the group, how it was formed, what you guys did and how the group dispersed later.

KING ONE: The name of the group was BREKETE.
We were 3 in number
Myself (Fizqo) as the leader, Duaba n Mascot. It was formed as friends with talents “lol” and we were doing pretty good in Ashaiman till Duaba relocated to Accra n Fizqo got soo attached to his music production.

WILD DISCOVERY: That’s great! So when did you actually start as a solo dance hall artiste and any album yet or how many singles so far?

KING ONE: Mmmm lets say 2005. No album yet, just a single but couple of collaborations with other musicians too.

Wild Discovery: Let’s have the title of your single then and your collaborations, so your other wild fans can feel your dance hall artiste side.

King one: Ok my first single is “sweet gyals” and for the collaborations:
1. “Yuh love is ah murder” with Hotikal
2. “Strictly Adult” with Scata bada

Wild Discovery: Nice one. We will surely check them out and share them with all the wild fans as well.

**Final Segment **

Certainly, there’s a lot about you to be said but let’s sum it with you as an Artiste Manager and an Entrepreneur.

Wild Discovery: Do you have a record label and which Artistes are you working with?

KING ONE: Yeah I have the passion of building legends. The zeal of helping people with talents but less privilege, has been part of me since day one. Even though I am not rich, I’ve managed some upcoming arts in my own small ways. “Scata Bada” is a testimony. He is very known in the dancehall fraternity and I made a collaboration between him and Sarkodie a reality. Other Acts, that have benefited from me at the same time and still benefiting are the likes of Hotikal, Toga Vee, Yardie etc

Wild Discovery: Well done and God bless your works. Finally before we end the convo share with us your greatest fulfillment in all that you do as King One (Your greatest Success)

KING ONE: Great question! Well There has been great moments almost everyday. But the greatest of them so far is when my name was called as the BEST PRODUCER OF THE YEAR during the GUM AWARDS 2015. Knowing very well I was competing with equally 7 good producers in that category and emerging as the winner was fulfilling.

Wild Discovery: Awesome, we hope we see you next year pick up a VGMA and many more. It was great having you on Wild Discovery. Thank You.

King One: Thank you host and the Wild Out Crew publication for having a chit chat with me. I really appreciate the love. Bless u seen.

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