Established on the 18th of June 2013 with the mission of redefining fun to include education, being benevolent in all to make a socio economic impact in our society, today marks exactly three years the wildest youth group began.

From few founding members from all walks of life, the most vibrant youthful brand has increased in membership and in strength across all corners of Ghana, specifically on campuses.

The team’s solidarity has caused the crew to now be seen as one big family which will extend to the international scene soon.

Counting the three years success of the Crew is its portal news source www.wildoutgh.com which is one of the biggest blogging websites in Ghana, that supports talents and contributes to Ghana’s Entertainment industry positively.

Within three years the crew can boast of organizing the most attended youthful events such as Crazy Jeans,OnFleek, wet Climax, Penz Down and more, gathering a big youthful market for corporate Ghana and other crew members to explore their business.

WildOutCrew also remains a top most hype crew in Ghana which has seen it partner countless successful events like Wet And Wild, Double Impact, etc.

To celebrate our three years team success the crew will mark the occasion at …. with a wild party you can’t afford to miss. Join us to say thank you to each other.


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