Worship Summit to celebrate late Danny Nettey’s one year anniversary

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In commemoration of the late gospel maestro, Danny Nettey, first anniversary, an annual “Worship Summit” will be held this Friday at the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The theme for the event is “More than a song – A life of Worship” – “For me to live is Christ to die is gain”-Philippians 1:21.

Danny Nettey dedicated his life to gopel music inspiring many, locally and abroad, with his worship songs.

He has been described as one of the pioneers of contemporary worship songs in Ghana.

Daniel Clottey, Mr Nettey‘s uncle said, “For Danny worship was “more than a song“ it was his whole life. His music and his life remain channels for bringing people to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“There couldn’t, therefore, be a better way of remembering him.”

Danny Nettey was born in Accra where he developed the love for music at a tender age. He is reputed for writing songs for most gospel artistes in the country and songs, some of which were ministered in his local church.

He attended high school at Accra Academy where he became the Music Director and also the President of the local Scripture Union Fellowship. He was the senior prefect at the time.

Beginning his music career, Danny Nettey started his own group, “Danny Nettey and Pals”. This group sought out to take the gospel to the Secondary Schools and ministering in churches across West Africa through the word and song ministration.

A gospel musician par excellence, he has three albums to his credit- “Positive Change”, “This Time” and “I believe”.

The summit is aimed at highlighting how true worship is a way of life and not just a musical performance.

Speakers at the event will include Danny’s ‘Pals’, his schoolmates at Accra Academy with whom he ministered from his early days), Pastor Abu Baku and Pastor Andy Yawson.

Song ministration and testimonies will be rendered by Pastor Helen Yawson, Nii Okai, Patrick Masoperh, Calvis Hammond, Teddy Zaroe and Joycelyn Armah